One system for various payment types 

welcomePTransnational Bank offers an electronic high volume multi-transaction service for corporates that;

  • Minimises payment processing problems associated with paper schedules i.e. Date re-capture errors, misreads, Faulty flash disks.
  • Reduces manual data processing
  • Supports Multiple import formats(Supports most Payroll formats),
  • Data validation (Content and context validation),

This gives response messages that offer detailed feedback on transmissions, and has the ability to correct and re-transmit i.e. data correction prior to transmission allows for management of transactions from Corporate HR desktops.

One system for all payment types

                       - Salaries
                       - Pensions
                       - Creditor payments
                       - Secure Control & authorization process
                       - Full audit trail & reporting
                       - Help desk and technical support locally