Fixed deposit account

Ideal for long term investments 

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You can invest amounts over Ksh. 50,000.00 with us at a fixed rate of interest and a specified time period, to a Transnational Bank Fixed Deposit Account. At maturity, you are entitled to receive the principal amount as well as the interest earned at the pre-specified rate during that period. The rate of interest offered depends on the period length of the deposit and the amount invested. The interest is calculated on a daily basis and paid on maturity. On maturity the proceeds can be re-invested, paid to other accounts with Transnational Bank or paid as per your instructions.

There are three types of such accounts:

– TNB Call Deposits Account

– TNB Fixed Deposit Account

– TNB Foreign Currency Deposit Account


– Minimum Balance of Kshs. 50,000

                       - USD 2,500

                       - GBP 1,500

                       - EUR 5,000

                       - Duration: Call (minimum 7days), One Month to One year, Two to five years

                       - Interest paid on maturity

                       - No Cash Handling commission on fresh deposits.

                       - No charge on banker’s cheque payment on maturity.

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