The Enterprising Bank for Enterprising People 


Our Mission

Our Mission defines how we go about achieving our vision day to day and for TNB it is simply the everyday hunger that enables us to remain an organization that is always seeking to turn opportunities into successes to the benefit of our shareholders, staff and the community

Our Vision

Our Vision is our big dream, our ideal future, the world as we would like it to become, and at TNB we see it as a society where we are all an enterprising people prospering from the fruits of our labour and the power of our ideas

Our Values

We think community

At Transnational Bank, We have a stake in the development of the communities we work in and work with. Community starts with our colleagues, to our customers, to the wider society. We are home grown, Kenyan owned with a vested interest in Kenya, the region and its people's success, we at Transnational Bank therefore have role in developing a better, more prosperous society; a society that is enterprising and thus a progressive society.

We behave Collaboration

We believe in finding ways to ensure mutually rewarding collaboration with our clients. We go beyond providing what clients need, to anticipating what clients imagine and working together with clients to ensure success. Transnational Bank is always on the lookout for new ways to partner with our customers, grow them and prosper together.

We are Caring

At Transnational Bank we work with a human face, a human character and we do this in a truly caring manner, ensuring that we seek to serve the clients interests as much with a human touch


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